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Historic Rushmore Estate

Mount Rushmore

Financier and attorney Charles E. Rushmore (of Mt. Rushmore’s namesake) commissioned the 25-room, four building estate in 1908. This spectacular Spanish Colonial-style mansion served as place for Rushmore’s ill wife, Jeannette, to rest. The pristine grounds and privacy provided a perfect respite from the hustle and rush of New York City.

Well-maintained throughout the years, the Rushmore Estate still does as it once intended—but not just for the owner and his family.

Charles Rushmore

The Rushmores in Woodbury

Charles Rushmore was born in New York City in 1856 and remained a resident of New Yorker his entire life. He founded his own law firm, Rushmore, Bisbee & Stern, and had the largest New York banks as his clients.

Around 1900, because of Mrs. Rushmore’s ill health, the family decided that good country air would improve her condition.

They settled in Highland Mills for their new home and first lived in a house on Quaker Road. Soon the Rushmores began acquiring property in the Woodbury area, eventually owning 1,500 acres, including Schunnemunk Mountain.

In 1908, they built a mansion of Spanish colonial design which they named Carmore (the “Car” from Carpenter, Mrs. Rushmore’s maiden name, and the “more” from Rushmore).

It still stands today, known as the Rushmore Estate, with much of the original land now part of the Brigadoon housing community off Route 32.

The original article was taken from The Photo News.

Experience for yourself the historic Spanish Colonial estate — Rushmore Estate.